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Genius Group Global, headquartered in Dubai, is a group of companies spread across 9 countries, with a strong foothold in 15 Business Verticals catering to the diverse needs of various markets in three continents through a team of over 350 Talented, Dedicated and Dynamic Geniuses; unified together by embracing the vision and mission of Founder, Chairman and Managing Director Dr. Sahid Cholayil so as to transform the lives of billions of individuals we co-exist with.

G . E . N . I . U . S stands for…

Our Vision & Mission (3G Pentagon - EEE.IT)

The edifice of Genius Group of Institutions is laid on a philosophy known as 3G Pentagon: a Five- Pillared Vision that originated with Dr Sahid Cholayil and is now the driving force for every single person associated with Genius Group Global Team.

We aim to provide world class Education that could land the best Employment opportunities (in jobs that do not even exist today), while encouraging an Entrepreneurial approach to every role as well as the creation of platforms where dynamic individuals can grow and prosper, all of this revolving around the axis of Innovation and bound by cutting-edge Technology

Business Interest Avenues

A vision to expand into various verticals simultaneously while having deep roots in each sector demands a dynamic team of highly capable, experienced and dedicated experts.

Genius Group Global is led by a Board of Directors that consist of distinguished professionals and well- seasoned veterans from diverse sectors, who bring together their vast knowledge and experience and create a unique blend which helps in delivering quality services in various areas across the 15 verticals that we operate in.

The constant aim of 3G Core Team is to ensure the maintenance of a timely, prompt, professional and truly efficient approach towards strategizing, conceptualizing, designing, launching and taking projects under each vertical to a level of selfsustenance with maximum scalability.

Our Presence
We are present across the globe, with many branches for various roles and project duties. The list of our locations and offices are as follows:

Our Verticals

1 Education 3G Learning 3G University IIMTS
2 Technology Project:loT Software Solution Mobile Apps Satellite BPO/Call Center
3 Consultancy Hr Cons Leagal Cons Finance Cons Business Cons
4 Digital Marketing SMO SEO Website eAdvertising
5 Document Clearing & Verification Attestation Verification
6 Infrastructure Development Luxury Villas Condominiums
7 Business Incubation Startups Infrastructure Support Seed Funding
8 Forums HR Forum CEO Conclaves Innovators Forum Investor Meets Education Summits PhD Forum
9 Publishing Books Digital Content Adaptive LMS Start Up Magazine Start Up News Portal
10 eCommerce Online Sales Retails Sales Material Banking Gifting
11 Media & Entertainment Production House Events TV Investment Magz LAAMA
12 Healthcare HI-Tech Clinics
13 Hospitality & Tourism Hotels
14 Agriculture Smart Agro-Village
15 Manufacturing Mechanical, Electronics Food & Confectionary

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